Promptar is a CTI software product for organizations.
Increased productivity, improved results, refined experience — on the phone. That's Promptar.

Typical Use Cases

Sales Teams

Integrate your phone system and CRM/SFA. Give better and faster results to prospects and clients. Set your team to improve sales.

Customer Care

Phone based support? Appointment scheduling? Improve customer experience. Handle all requests swiftly and reliably.

Procurement Teams

Track orders, invoices, shipments and more by integrating your ERP or SRM. Speed up procurement. Improve delivery.

Featured Integrations

Promptar integrates with most applications. On premises, in the cloud, anywhere.

Other integration needs? Let's talk.

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Key Benefits, In Short

Why Promptar? Productivity, improved experience, maybe both. In essence, because you care.
About your clients, your partners, your providers and anyone you're on the phone with.

Improved Experience

More information.
Sharper Teams.
Happier Customers.

Information Re-use

Use what you know.
All the time.

Increased Productivity

Faster execution.
Less mistakes.
Better results.

System Agnostic

Change applications.
And phone systems.
Keep Promptar.