Modular CTI product for organizations.
Increase productivity and improve results and experience – for your teams and third parties.


Promptar is comprised of a central server that integrates with existing phone systems and applications via multiple connectors, running on Windows or Linux. Users run the client on Windows or Mac laptops and desktops while at the same time, all phone based activity can be fed to your analytics platform.

Best in class screen-pops

Match calls with records in your application. Find related ones.

Templates collect, combine and filter application fields.
Rules define when one or more templates should be used.

Different data for different teams? No problem. Dependent on application data? Sure. Multiple language support? Of course.

Simple Automation

Associate one or more actions with each template.

Open URLs, prepare emails for sending or run external programs and scripts. Include application data if needed and have them triggered manually, by the user, or automatically.

Desktop Call Control

Simplify call handling with a complete and convenient view over all the calls on your phone — whether ringing, talking, waiting or on hold.

Transfer, hold, resume, answer or hang up any call from the desktop. With a single click. [1]

Quick Call Initiation

Initiate phone calls in a snap.

System wide click-to-call support from your browser, mail client and other apps. Quick paste-and-dial, always within reach. Lookup for contacts in your applications and call them. And more.

Analytics Support

Keep track of all call related activity.

Store full call details in an external database and answer questions like: how much time are we on the phone? Inbound or outbound? How many rings does it take to answer our client calls? How much time are they put on hold?

Relate calls with context information and data from your applications.

Key Client Features

  • Runs on Windows or Mac.
  • Non-obtrusive user interface with an amazing design.
  • Easily deployable throughout the organization.
  • Multiple call support: full information about waiting callers.
  • Transfer calls at the click of a button.
  • Copy the caller phone number and paste it anywhere.
  • Click to call from web browsers and other applications.
  • Quick, always-available access to contact lookup for easy call initiation.
  • Paste to call: grab a phone number from anywhere and quickly initiate a call.
  • Call history tracking, including missed calls while offline and quick call back initiation.
  • Multiple display support.

Key Server Features

  • Runs on Windows or Linux.
  • Collect any combination of fields from your applications into an unlimited number of templates.
  • Display one or more templates per call based on configurable business rules.
  • Support multiple applications simultaneously.
  • Associate multiple customizable actions to each template: built-in or create your own.
  • Actions can be user-triggered or automatic.
  • Support for multiple matches per call, with simple data navigation for the end user.
  • Lookup for contacts throughout any combination of applications, on a per user group basis.
  • Store call detail records (CDRs) with associated business information in a database for later analysis.

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