Running on Windows or Linux, the server is at the heart of all Promptar solutions.

Promptar server orchestrates phone system activity, external application data and user interaction. A high-performance, asynchronous engine, ensures optimal throughput and minimal delays in event processing, call control, data manipulation and end user notification.

Key Concepts

  • Connectors.
  • Users and Groups.
  • Extensions.
  • Data Items.
  • Rules and Templates.


  • The server requires one phone system connector and one session connector.
  • One or more application connectors should be used, for full featured operation.
  • Connectors run locally or remotely, accessed over the network.

Users and Extensions

  • Users are mapped to Extensions.
  • Users are also associated to Groups.
  • Users and Groups can hold custom information elements.
  • Sessions track calls to/from user extensions and trigger rules.

Data Items

  • Data items are the basic units of information handled by the server.
  • Sourced internally and from connectors.
  • Comprise information about Users and Groups, like name or ID, Sessions, like language preference, Calls, like caller IDs, and more.
  • Data items also include any application fields or custom phone system information obtained from the associated connectors.

Rules and Templates

  • Rules define conditions from any combination of data items.
  • When verified, the templates linked to a given rule are activated.
  • Templates combine and filter data items into template fields.
  • Those can have associated actions, manual or auto-triggered.
  • Actions cover opening URLs or running external programs, which themselves can make use of data items.

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